“During a time of violent persecution, the apostle Peter wrote to the church in Rome. Peter told the people that the church of Jesus would be built not of stone or iron, but of living stones. Lives made better through Christ to carry his message of love and mercy to the world. This resonated with me. Our hope is that lives will be enriched through the gifts of the Tom and Marye Kate memorial. These gifts will provide the community with the living stones on which it can build a stronger foundation for the future.”

From The Chairman,

"Bun's Christmas Fund


At the start of each year all board members of the Aldridge foundation are allotted $1,000 to donate to charities of their choice.  However, not every board member always uses their full $1,000 leaving money left unspent. Last year the Aldridge foundation created a resolution for these unallocated funds.  This resolution was to combine all board members unspent funds to create what is now known as "Bun's Christmas Fund".  This fund which is dedicated to the matriarch of our family, Laverne (Bun) Aldridge gets collected, and all board members will then vote on a charity to receive this amazing new gift!